First Choice
Bookkeeping Service

"The Small Business Specialist"



Producing the Results That You Need


  • Business Start Up Services
  • Complete Bookkeeping Setup
  • Secretarial Training
  • Computerized Accounting Services
  • Check Book Reconciliation
  • Payroll Services
  • Financial Statements
  • State MBE Certification
  • Loan Packaging
  • Non-Profit Applications (501c3)
  • Computer Training
  • Quarterly Tax Forms
  • Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC Corporate, and Non Profit Tax Returns
  • Financial Re-Construction of past years
  • And Much More…..Call for details



  • Notary Services
  • Resumes
  • Typing
  • Letterhead, Envelopes
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers, Banners
  • Copies
  • Fax Services




  • Personal Tax Returns
  • "FAST CASH" Tax Refunds
  • Personal Money Management
  • Personal Budgets
  • Tax Planning


  • Mail Return – Via U.S. Mail receive paper check via US mail in 4-6 weeks
  • Electronic File Only – Paper check via US mail or deposit in your account in 3-4 weeks.  Client pays all fees up front.
  • Bonus Direct Deposit – Electronic filing and refund deposited to your checking/savings account.  Tax prep. Fees are deducted.  No up-front fees.
  • Bonus Account Refund – Electronic filing and pick up entire check at First Choice Bookkeeping in 10-14 days.  No up-front fees.
  • “Fast Cash” Refund – Electronic filing and pick up all or part of your refund in 24 hours…even first time filers.  No up-front fees.  100% EIC REFUND IF QUALIFIED!!!
  • Fast Advance Loan – Receive up to $1500.00 of your refund the same day if you qualify.  Need W-2 ASK US HOW!!!!

  • Electronic Filing-State - Get your State Refund in 7-10 days only $5.00 more. WOW!